Review: DRRR WRAPPING!! [Durarara!! Best] CD and DVD

Ever want all your favorite Durarara!! opening and ending songs in one place? What about the full versions of these iconic songs? You can now get both in one place!

Just in time for Christmas, Aniplex of America has announced that the official CD import for DRRR WRAPPING!! DRRR!! Best CD and DVD combo will be available in the US and Canada now! Disc 1 contains all the opening and ending songs from Durarara!! and Durarara!!x2 (Sho, Ten, Ketsu), while Disc 2 contains the textless opening and ending videos.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the CD includes an eclectic mixture of music, including pop, hip hop, rock, and more. My personal favorites are Compilation by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D and NEVER SAY NEVER by THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS. It’s amazing how many fast-paced, high-energy songs the entire Durarara series has in its repertoire.

  1. 裏切りの夕焼け (Uragiri no Yuuyake) – THEATRE BROOK [1st OP for Durarara!!]

As the very first, and possibly most iconic of the Durarara songs, Uragiri no Yuuyake differentiates itself from many other anime opening songs by the nature of its music genre. The drum beat and guitar in this funk rock song keeps you on your toes and really matches the image of Celty driving off into the portentous sunset, not to mention all the odd destruction happening throughout the opening visuals. It’s definitely set up Durarara!! as an interesting and unexpected series to watch, and the lyrics itself forebode the events to follow.

  1. Trust Me – Yuya Matsushita [1st ED for Durarara!!]

This hip hop/pop song follows the unusual musical trend Durarara has going so far. For fans interested, Matsushita shows off his rapping skills in the full version of the song. Interestingly, musical elements in this song remind me of tracks often produced for the male idol groups.

  1. コンプリケイション (Compilation) – ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D [2nd OP for Durarara!!]

Though much calmer than the other openings and more typical of an anime rock song, Compilation charms listeners with its strings and slower pacing. If anything, it’s more intense and emotional because of the strong vocals mixed with this heavier pace.

  1. Butterfly – ON; OFF [2nd ED for Durarara!!]

Following the opening song’s trend, Butterfly also has a slower pace than the other tracks on this CD. This song features a duet from this J-pop duo and heavy guitar work.

  1. HEADHUNT – OKAMOTO’S [OP for Durarara!!x2 Sho]

Headhunt is definitely a unique choice for an anime opening. You can hear some Western influence in the music, particularly from rock and roll.


Characteristic of many songs by 3LDK, Never Say Never incorporates electronic and EDM into this very high-energy rock song. On first thought, the voice distortion very much reminds me of vocaloid, and there’s a surprising screamo element heard only in the full version of the song. As an ending theme, it has an unusually catchy and fast beat; it makes me think it could have also been an opening theme in another life.

  1. Day you laugh – Toshiyuki Toyonaga [OP for Durarara!!x2 Ten]

For those who might think your eyes or ears are failing you, yes that IS Mikado singing. No joke. Or at least it’s his voice actor. Honestly though, it’s a good song with a mix of pop and rock, and definitely a good listen. Both Toyonaga’s voice and the lyrics are rather intense.

  1. EXIT – REVALCY [ED for Durarara!!x2 Ten]

An energetic pop-rock song that encourages pursuing the future, Exit is quite an appropriate ending song for Durarara!!x2 Ten. In addition to the visuals in the endings where the entire cast is usually shown physically linked to each other, the “whoa, whoa” in the background for this song further emphasizes that there’s a crowd and there’s support….in whatever chaos they’re all entangled in this time.

  1. Steppin’ out – FLOW [OP for Durarara!!x2 Ketsu]

Possibly the most catchy of all the Durarara openings, rock band FLOW has definitely captured the hearts of many Durarara fans with this superbly addictive song. I’ve got to say the first ten seconds really reel a person in, and makes you want to sing along, which many fans did at FLOW’s concert at Anime Expo 2016.

  1. ジョーカーに宜しく (Joker ni Yoroshiku) – PENGUIN RESEARCH [ED for Durarara!!x2 Ketsu]

Rounding out the series with another memorable pop-rock song, the cacophony of instruments in this prompts the memory of the chaos that is Durarara. From the humor and violence, to the mystery and cut-throat near misses for each of the characters, it’s no wonder the lyrics tell you to “plan your escape!” This song definitely reminds you of Izaya. He does drive a good portion of the plots, and despite the events in Ketsu, it’s almost ironic that the last thing you hear in this series brings him back to mind.

Make sure you purchase yours today, so you can hand your friends a “DRRRWRAPPed” Shinra and Celty!