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drago_key_011_hThe new Netflix original series DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge premieres tomorrow (June 26) only on Netflix. I had the chance to preview five of the thirteen episodes in this series and here is my review…

Dragons: Race to the Edge takes place three years after the war with the Berserkers. The whole gang of Dragon Riders are still around (though some voiced by different actors than in the films) and they are ready to do some exploring beyond Berk. During their exploration, the Dragon Riders discover an ancient artifact known as the Dragon Eye. This mysterious artifact leads the Dragon Riders into new lands and even discover some new dragon creatures along the way.

In each of the five episodes I previewed, there was new adventure and dangers to be explored by the Dragon Riders. There was plenty of action and laughs in the series that kept the same family fun as the How to Train Your Dragon franchise has had over the years.

Most of the acting talent from the popular films are back such as Jay Barchuel, America Ferrera, T.J. Miller, Christopher Mintz-Plasse to reprise their roles, as well as the same acting talent from the previous Dragons: Riders of Berk series such as Zack Perlman, Nolan North, Chris Edgerly and Andree Vermeulen all return. Having most of the acting talent from the films come back to reprise their roles for the Netflix series is a pretty rare and great thing. In most cases, when popular animated films get adapted into TV series, they have new acting talent take over the roles of popular characters and it doesn’t seem to payoff very often. Now in the Dragons series, the acting talent that they have taking over some of the characters from the films, actually do a pretty good job with making these characters sound just like they did in the films.

Dragons: Race to the Edge does justice to the popular franchise. The How to Train your Dragon world is even larger than we have seen in the films, fans will get to know the characters even more and see that there is a lot more depth to the characters, Berk and beyond Berk. This is a series for all ages and a series that families can enjoy together.