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Review: DMC #2: Witness the Expansion of A New Comic Book Universe

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels drops the mic and picks up the pen with DMC #2. In DMC #2 we see DMC dropping villains rather than rhymes and we witness a whole new comic book universe expand.

While in DMC #1 we saw the origin of the vigilante DMC as he fought crime in the streets of New York, in DMC #2 we see DMC continue to fight crime plus, we see an origin of several heroes and villains in the span of one issue. Issue #2 highly focuses on expanding the universe of DMC.

12211107_10153317482323823_1184615706_oA whole list of characters are introduced in this issue from DMC’s new thirteen year-old sidekick Lak6, a group of heroes gone bad (Spelle, Helios/Eclipse, Iron Eagle) and a guru type of hero named Sifu, plus many more. Jase (Jam Master Jay) makes his return as DMC’s tech guy and in this issue, he gives DMC an updated suit and new ride. These new characters along with the characters already developed from the first issue, make the universe of DMC feel like it’s much, much bigger and it’s awesome.



Also in this issue, we see a ton of artist. Too many to name but one that sticks out is the legendary Humberto Ramos who did the cover with his friend Edgar Delgado providing the colors. The book features a mix of street art with the graffiti, plus a modern comic book style with a little of vintage feel.

Once you finish the story, there’s also a few pages of various artist who recreated some famous comic book covers and put DMC and Lak6 in the mix. It’s a cool idea and gives more to the reader while giving new artists some exposure. I do wish that there were more pages with more artists but maybe they could only fit so many.

I did feel like this issue of DMC was a bit shorter than the first issue but it’s actually 30 pages longer than the first. I do feel that this one fits in more with the modern era of comics. The idea to expand the universe so much in one issue was risky but it paid off. I wouldn’t doubt that we see some spinoff comics from the DMC universe.

DMC #2 comes out this holiday season.