Review: DEAD DROP #2

DEAD-DROP_002_COVER-A_ALLENDead Drop is the newest mini-series event from Valiant Entertainment. Much like the first issue, issue #2 is yet another wild goose chase but a more humorous one.

In this issue, there’s another familiar face from Valiant which is chasing down the virus that can possible destroy the world. Archer takes the lead in hunting down the virus and terrorists who hold it.

Archer provides the humor in this issue as you would expect. He doesn’t really know how modern New York runs or how the people are who inhabit it. It’s obvious for many reasons that he doesn’t quite fit in to the city that never sleeps. The humor in this issue is what the big difference is between this issue and the previous issue. With the previous issue starred X-O Manowar, it had more of a serious tone. So if you are looking for some comic relief to break up the tension, you get it in this issue.


The art is yet again, very well done. Artist Adam Gorham makes this a beautiful looking book and it’s very easy on the eyes.

This issue features both action and comedy, so if you are into either of the two, there’s plenty enough here to make you want to pick it up this Wednesday.

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