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Review: DEAD DROP #1


X-O Manowar comes to New York to try to save the world from a deadly chemical weapon. He needs to get the chemical weapon in time before all humanity is lost.

The first issue of the four part mini-series is a wild goose chase. In a story written by Ales Kot, X-O Manowar is right on the heels of the one who carries the small but deadly chemical weapon. With the whole issue being a chase, there is action on every page. There’s a brief couple of pages which describes the chemical weapon then it quickly goes back into the pursuit.


I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve ever seen X-O Manowar. The art was the highlight of this issue for me. I loved that the setting was in New York because it’s pretty cool to see X-O Manowar running and flying through the big apple. I am definitely willing to read the next issue to see who else gets in the mix.

Dead Drop #1 hits comic shops May 6th.

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