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So first off, let me say that I’m not a big fan of Damian Wayne, just like most comic book fans probably aren’t. He just seems like a really whiny, spoiled kid. He comes off to me like an Anakin Skywalker. But I decided to read Damian: Son of Batman just because the cover looked interesting & because it’s only a 4 issue mini-series. Well let me tell you, all my dislikes about Damian Wayne, didn’t even matter when reading this book. I mean that in a GOOD way.

Okay, I will try not to spoil it too much for you so I will try to keep the spoilers down to a minimum but beware.

The story is written by Andy Kubert who is known mostly for his work on Marvel titles but does have few DC titles under his belt as well. Kubert also illustrates the book. The Story is a very dark, emotional story about Damian getting revenge & avenging something. That “something” is a big spoiler, so I will just leave it at that. But it is huge & sets the mood for the rest of the book. Damian is a character who is known for acting out of anger & frustrations as well as having a very bratty mood. All of that plays a lot into the story but rather than seeming like a spoiled rich kid with daddy issues, Kubert mostly focuses on his temper & morals. Which I thought worked really well & was a big reason why I didn’t mind Damian at all.

sonofbatman_4  Not only did Kubert write a pretty great story in my opinion, but his artwork for the book is amazing! I know that sometimes the artwork makes it hard to read the rest of the story in some comics because sometimes it doesn’t fit with the words or is just too lousy & kind of makes you lose interest. But not in this book! The artwork is very detailed & reminds me of a mix between the early 90’s comic book art (when comics were at their peak), mixed with the art of today’s best comic books. The color was great as well as the shading, which was just right in each panel. Every panel was very clear & easy to look at. Put it this way, if the book didn’t have any words in it whatsoever, you would still be able to tell what was going on & it would still be great as a silent movie type of story.

Damian-son-of-batman-kubert-2If you aren’t a fan of Damian Wayne, don’t let it stop you from giving this book a try. Everything about it was great to me. They didn’t put too much of his bratty side into it & Kubert did an outstanding job focusing on the right parts of Damian’s character. You get to see cameos from a few of Batman’s most famous foes, as well as Batman & Alfred of course. It has some very shocking twists in it & will definitely make you eager to see how the rest of the series will play out. Especially when you see the last page! A great start to a mini-series!