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Review: Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet


The Comedic Babble-on podcast duo of Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman who are known not only for their writing and comedy, but also as being some of the biggest Batman fans around, have teamed up together to write a comic book series based the iconic 1967 meeting with dynamic duo and  the other popular 60’s crime fighting duo of the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato. This comic takes from the season 2 episode called “Batman’s Satisfaction,”  where the dynamic duo not only run into to the Green Hornet and Kato but also run into the villain Colonel Gumm.

The comic tells a bit of a different story than that 67 episode, but it does definitely keep the feel of the campy Adam West series.  In this story, the relationship between Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Britt Reid (Green Hornet) is already put into place as the two run into each other on a train and acknowledge each other as being old classmates.

Bruce and Britt share conversation about how Batman is better than the Green Hornet and vice versa, all while not quite knowing that the other is that crime fighter. In the middle of the conversation, the two run into a pretty sticky situation, (pun intended) which is all caused by the pink suited Colonel Gumm. Batman-Green-Hornet-Preview-page-2

While reading the book, you can’t help but read the book in your head with the iconic voices of Adam West, Burt Ward, Van Williams, Bruce Lee, and William Dozier. If you do that, it makes the book just that much better.

The art is done by Ty Tempelton, who does capture the look of the popular 60’s series. BM66GH_Ch2-3-PreviewPage3

When you have Adam West Batman, plus Green Hornet, plus Bruce Lee, plus Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, you get awesomeness. I do recommend this for any 60’s Batman, Green Hornet, or Bruce Lee fan out there. It may not quite be for the Bat-fans that love the darker version of Batman because it’s certainly not dark. My brother picked this issue up for me and one for himself and said that they were the last two copies that our local comic shop had. Whether it’s at Frank and Sons or your local comic shop,  get it as soon as you see it because it looks to be pretty popular already and at the price of $2.99, you can’t go wrong. I will definitely be keeping up with this series as it looks to be a fun and interesting one.