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Review: BARB WIRE #1

25865Barb Wire is back and better than ever!

Dark Horse has brought back one of their most ass-kicking women in the comic book world, Barb Wire. Barb Wire is a bounty hunter, nightclub owner and also a part of a reality TV show. This time around, Chris Warner (Star Wars Omnibus) takes over the story as he brings back a less scantily clad Barb Wire. Taking over the art is Patrick Olliffe (Might Samson), who makes Barb Wire fit in more with the modern world and updates her look.



In this first issue, Barb Wire finds herself in a bit of a dilemma. She has hotheads tearing up her night club with a huge brawl and she can’t afford to keep her nightclub any longer.  So what will she do to keep her club? Well that’s where the issue ends and leaves us with the cliff hanger, which will have us reading the next issue. 

This issue contained some action and humor (mostly from a drunken viking looking character). This issue has me interested in what Chris Warner will have awaiting for us in the next issues. I think bringing back Barb Wire at this time, was a great idea by Dark Horse. The bonus of issue one is that the legendary artist, Adam Hughes did two covers for it, which both look awesome. Above is the standard cover and below you will see the variant.



Barb Wire #1 hits stores July 1.