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100 Bullets Reloads the Chamber and Blows You Away

100-Bullets_Brother-Lono_1_Full-665x10241To quote my favorite announcer, Jim Ross, again; “Good god almighty!” This book feels like I only stopped reading 100 Bullets last week. It’s a brilliant melding of violence, suspense, character, and did I mention violence.

Fans of the series will feel reunited with the perfectly in sync tandem of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso. From start to finish each page is laid out perfectly. If you loved 100 Bullets this series was catered directly to you. However, the book does an excellent job of carving out a crevasse accessible to new readers. So don’t worry if you never read the original series. Of course you should do yourself a huge favor; go out and read it.

Here we follow the story of Brother Lono laying low in Mexico, but as with all stories that take place there, things don’t stay quiet for very long. He’s put on a path to clash with some heinous gangsters in a way only a Brother knows how. The dialogue is so well shaped and true to the setting Azzarello has put his protagonist in. It warrants multiple reads and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story shapes out.

Each turn of the page left me speechless, but the standout here is Risso’s art. It’s bloody, violent, masterful storytelling of itself. With his previous work in the Flashpoint: Batman series, Risso really defined his gritty style to the mainstream comics audience and proved it could carry a super hero story. Here he builds upon it using cinematic paneling, like something you’d see in a Robert Rodriguez movie. The tension filled scene with the knife slicing the hostage is pretty enough, then Risso drops out detail and it goes from just simply a panel to imaginative art.

This book is Azzarello and Risso doing what they do best. No holds barred story telling and resonating character at its finest. 100 Bullets is back in a major way. Brother Lono is a great addition to the awesome line up of Vertigo books we’ve already seen this year. It’s right up there with The Wake and American Vampire in terms of quality. 100 Bullets: Brother Lono will only last eight issues but I’m already sold on anything else the duo want to do together. Go buy it now!


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