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Report: Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remastered Coming 2018

If you were a fan of classic Playstation mascots from the 90’s then this year, as well as last year, will definitely be for you! It has been reported by several sources throughout the internet that Activision looks to have a remastered trilogy of the first 3 Spyro The Dragon games ready for a 2018 launch.

Possibly due to the massive success of the Crash N. Sane Trilogy released last year, Activision tends to replicate the same success with the franchise they have acquired back in 2008. Spyro has seen several new titles since the acquisition, tied in with the wildly successful Skylanders series. The remastered trilogy is reported to be similar to the N. Sane Trilogy as they plan to give it the 4k touch, PS4 Pro enhanced, and a remastered soundtrack. Sources have indicated that the game will be announced in March for a Q3 2018 release window(notably in September due to the 20th Anniversary of Spyro) and will have a one year exclusive deal with Playstation.

The game is under development by the same folks who worked on the Crash N. Sane Trilogy, Vicarious Visions.