This Sunday is TRON Fan Day!

Louis Love & Namter here –

Pack your Identity Disc and hop on your Light Cycle and meet the members of Nuke the Fridge at Disneyland’s ElecTRONica THIS Sunday, April 10, 2011 for the first “Unofficial Tron Fan Day.”

Nuke the Fridge is advocating “Tron Fan Day” as an annual event, but we have to start with the first one.  This means you will be part of something that is destined to go down in history!  Forget Harry Potter, and Star Wars, those events can go derez themselves!  Join us for a great time at the “Happiest Place on Earth!”

Why Sunday, April 10, 2011?  “Tron: Legacy” is scheduled to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD during that week.  Do you compute?  Join us!  Follow our Command Carrier and join Clu’s Army.

Click HERE to join the Facebook Page and Click HERE to see the official website.

The only way this event can be a success is with your help. So,  please share this on your Facebook and or Twitter.

End of line!


A group picture will be taken in front of the Disneyland castle at about 5pm. Than the fans are asked to gather in front of ElecTRONica main stage inside California Adventure 15 minutes before the show starts. ASK CAST MEMBERS FOR ElecTRONica Scheduling.

Another group picture will be taken after the Stage Show in front of Flynn’s Arcade!

The PARTY will begin inside California Adventure (in front of the stage.)

We now have an official website for this event.

“Long live the users!”