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Director Roland Emmerich often expressed his concern for the release date of Independence Day 2. Emmerich had explained that he thought that the date would be pushed back because of issues with the script as well as issues with conflicting schedules for some of the actors that he wanted for the film. Well Emmerich was right. The release date for Independence Day 2 is being pushed back from it’s original date of  July 3, 2015 to  July 1, 2016. Yes, that means the film will be pushed back a whole year.

The news was first reported by Box Office Mojo. Although the issues that Emmerich had mentioned could be a part of why the sequel was pushed back, there also may be another reason why it was. Speculation is that it may be because Paramount Pictures moved up the date to their upcoming Terminator reboot to the same weekend of July that Independence Day 2 was originally supposed to be released.

This has been the 3rd film from Fox that has recently had their release date changed. The other two films are the Fantastic Four reboot, which was pushed back to June 19, 2015 & Assassin’s Creed which was also pushed back to August 7th of the same year. It makes it kind of discouraging as a fan, to see that highly anticipated movies from Fox are hitting a lot of snags. On the positive side, it gives them more time to workout all the kinks in the scripts & hopefully the release dates being pushed back will work to their advantage.

So far from what we have heard, the premise of Independence Day 2 is that it will take place 20 years after the original film. Emmerich has also stated that there is two scripts being developed by James Vanderbilt (White House Down). One with Will Smith reprising his role as Captain Steven Hiller & the other is focusing on another character. This is because of the fact that Smith has not yet signed on to do the film & Emmerich would like to have a backup just in case Smith doesn’t end up signing on.

How do you feel about the new release date?