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RegularShowTheMovie 3D DVD copyThe first feature-length movie from the Emmy Award-Winning Cartoon Network series Regular Show, is finally here! Regular Show: The Movie arrives on DVD today (Oct.13) and we have the DVD review right here!

This was the first time that I actually watched Regular Show. I’ve only caught parts of episodes on television but have never caught a full episode. What better way to break into a series than with a full feature-length movie?

In Regular Show: The Movie, everything hangs in the balance. The world, Mordecai and Rigby’s friendship and even their lives…by the hands of each other! A device has been created which has the ability to alter the past and future, leaving the future of everyone in question. 

Like I said before, this was my first time watching Regular Show and I found it to be pretty funny. The opening scene instantly got my attention by resembling something straight out of Star Wars. Throughout the movie, there are references to iconic movies such as Star Wars, Back to the Future and i’m pretty sure I even seen a reference to Highlander. I appreciated these references and it helped a person that’s not familiar with the series (like myself) to keep on watching.

Bonus Features

What is really cool about this DVD release besides the fact that you can watch it before its network debut, is that it actually has bonus features! I have reviewed quite a bit of Cartoon Network’s in-home releases and the majority of the time, those releases didn’t include bonus features. I found that the only time bonus features were included would be with something like a complete season release or some sort of holiday special and not with a collection of episodes type of release. Being that this is a feature-length film, it has the extras and about an hour of them!

The bonus features included are: “Deleted Animatics” and “Movie Animatics” which are like early sketches and storyboards that include some voiceover before the final scenes are done. With “Original Board Pitch”, you get to see how the scenes are first laid out as they are being pitched to the rest of the animation team. You get concept art and movie art galleries, you get the movie trailer and you have the option to watch the movie with commentary.

All of these bonus features are pretty cool to watch and they let you see a lot of the process that goes into making an animated movie.


I thought that the story of the movie was pretty cool. Throughout the movie, there’s a lot of events that can lead to the past and future being altered, just as you would expect in any time traveling type of movie. I enjoyed the references to iconic films that were scattered throughout the movie and it kept my attention. I think it’s pretty cool that you get the chance to see the movie before it airs on Cartoon Network and you get a whole lot of bonus features with it. For the first feature-length movie for the series, it was a pretty nice start.

I give Regular Show: The Movie DVD 8 fridges out of 10.