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Red Faction Guerrilla is getting a Re-Mars-ter

Hope you like puns, because Red Faction Guerrilla is getting a remaster! Or in this case a Re-Mars-ter. Get it? Because the game takes place on Mars. Moving on.

Red Faction Guerrilla was probably the pinnacle of the Red Faction series which launched on the PS2 back in 2001. The third installment, Guerrilla, released on last-gen consoles in 2009 and boasted a gigantic open-world with a physics engine that made destruction all the more satisfying. Playing as a member of the Red Faction resistance on Mars, it will be your job to liberate Mars from the oppressive Earth Defense Force. The remaster will include the following improvements:

  • Fully reworked graphics – Heavily reworked textures and graphic features adding, for example, secular maps
  • Improved shadow rendering
  • Improved Lighting
  • Shader & Post-processing rework
  • Native 4K support for the finest up-to-date Mars destruction experience

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered will release in Q2 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.