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Red Dead Online Gets A Battle Royale Mode

Red Dead Online has been out for a couple of months now and the changes will keep coming. Rockstar announced today that the Online mode will still be in beta for awhile and that they’re introducing a new mode called Gun Rush. Here you will face off against 31 other players, gathering weapons and ammo in a shrinking play area to become the last man or woman standing.

Arthur Morgan riding his horse in the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign.

Yes, this is a Battle Royale mode. 32 players is a very low count compared to other games in the genre, but it’s understandable considering how big and detailed the game world is. This mode is available to play today in Free-for-all and Team Variations so let us know what you think!

There will also be future updates that include Daily Challenges, Law and Bounty Upgrades, Parley Changes, and Proximity-Based Player Blips.