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Reaction to “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Premiere!

Caliburn24 here with reaction to the Walking Dead premiere.

The show opens with a pan up from a zombiefied eye. There are two zombies known as walkers on the show and comic book series. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the show’s protagonist and leader of the refugee group, and T-Dog (IronE Singleton) burst in the house and kill the walkers. There is no dialogue at the beginning of this episode. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carl (Chandler Riggs), Rick’s son, also enter and check the house with their weapons. Carl walks into a kitchen and shoots a walker with his gun equipped with a silencer. The rest of the group enters the house. Daryl walks into a room with an owl on a chair and he shoots it with his crossbow. Daryl is de-feathering the owl as Carl brings some cans of food he found in the kitchen. Rick throws out the useless cans and T-Dog sees walkers through the window. They exit out the back door and head towards their vehicles. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) gets an ax when a walker starts towards her. They leave the town on two cars with Daryl on his motorcycle. The new opening sequence has the empty highway with cars that started the last season. There is a centipede crawling, Daryl’s crossbow bolts in a tree, an abandoned house, a watch ticking, a farmhouse, some woods, a town with the American flag blowing, and finally the prison.

The group stops on a highway and everyone gets out. Carl is watching out as the others discuss plans. Rick has them going west after T-Dog says they have been going in circles that winter. Hershel (Scott Wilson) says that Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) , Rick’s wife, can’t last much longer and Rick fears she will give birth on the road. Daryl and Rick go out hunting, they walk down some train tracks, and look down a hill to see a prison crawling with walkers. The group lays siege to the prison, Rick cuts a hole in the fence, and the group slips in. There is a passage with the walkers in the prison behind a chain link fence. Rick has everyone cover him as he runs for a gate to close off the walkers. Glen (Steven Yeun) and a few others start stabbing the walkers near the fence. Rick starts firing with his silenced gun. Daryl and the others shoot from atop some towers. Rick chains the gate with his handcuffs and slips into a room. The others begin to shoot the walkers. Rick at a tower begins shooting the walkers with his rifle. The group is happy to have so much walker free space.

At nightfall, Daryl is on watch on the hood of a car. The others are eating around a campfire. Rick is walking around the prison yard trying to find a breach. T-Dog wants to get rid of the bodies. Carol (Melissa McBride) goes to give Daryl some food and complains about the kick of the rifle on her shoulder. He rubs her shoulder which Carol says is romantic. Hershel asks his daughter Bessie to sing. She sings “The Parting Glass”, this is a popular traditional song that has roots in Ireland and Scotland. Beth (Emily Kinney) is joined by her sister Maggie. Rick tells them to turn in while he takes watch. He says the supplies might be still intact and thinking about the infirmary and possible weapons inside the prison. Lori goes to talk to Rick about the baby and he walks away. The American flag seen in the new opening flutters from a town building. A walker stirs as someone enters the building. He shuffles around and is kicked into a shelf. Michonne (Danai Guira), her name is not revealed yet, slices off his head with her katana and kills two others.

Rick slides open the gate while they start to take down the walkers with hand to hand weapons. Daryl fires his crossbow at walkers in tactical armor. Maggie stabs a walker with her machete in the throat. The others use this tactic to dispatch the walkers protected by the tactical armor. Rick suspects somewhere a wall was overrun by walkers from the outside. Daryl opens the door and they enter the prison. It is looks empty with trash strewn everywhere and sunlight streaming in the windows. Rick goes up the stairs. He sees a dead security guard that was shot in the head. He takes the guard’s keys so they can move into the prison cells. There is a sound a Daryl moves toward it joined by Rick. A walker reaches out and then another one. Rick and Daryl throw down the bodies of the walkers they took out. Rick says he and Daryl have a set of keys. Daryl says, “I ain’t sleepin’ in no cage. I’ll take the perch.” Carl enters a cell with Beth, but Hershel walks in and he decides to find another cell. Glen checks Maggie for scratches. Lori bunks with Carol. Rick is alone and sits with his back to a wall.

Walkers wander the streets as Michonne checks on their movements. She does to a Deer Cooler store where the two armless walkers are chained. She is about to take out her katana and sees Andrea (Laurie Holden), formerly a part of the group, but lost in last season, resting on the floor. She gives Andrea a pill and then a bottle of water. She tells Andrea, “We’ll go in a few days.” Michonne opens a gate out to lumber yard and pulls out the chained walkers. Andrea follows them. The group at the prison start handing out the weapons. Carol calls Hershel. Lori is worried about the baby. She thinks the baby might be dead. She tells Hershel to kill her or the baby if she turns. T-Dog, Glen, and Hershel dress in tactical gear. He has Carl stay behind to protect the women. They go through the darkened prison using flashlights and see bodies on the floor. Glen spray paints directions on the walls. They see a group of walkers and start to retreat. Hershel and Rick run into a room cut off from the others by the walkers. Hershel is bit on the leg by a walker. Rick shoots it. The group breaks into a locked door. Rick ties a tourniquet on Hershel’s leg and then hacks off the leg bitten by the walker with an ax. Daryl tells them to duck and then raises his crossbow to see a group of prisoners behind bars. The prison is set up properly and some budding romances are in the works. Andrea and Michonne need to meet up with the others and soon we will get the Governor.

So what did you think of the premiere?