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Rated “R” POWER RANGERS Short Film Pulled from the Internet


The good news:

A few days ago a 14-minute fan made dark and gritty R-Rated Power Rangers fan film took the Internet by storm. It was produced by Adi Shankar and directed by Joseph Kahn. Fans seemed to love it and couldn’t stop talking about the short film. It was posted on both Vimeo and YouTube with over 12 million views in just a few days.

Here’s the bad news:

Saban Brands, who owns the rights to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, seems to have been a little more than upset with the R-rating and issued a cease-and-desist and now the video has been pulled from both media outlets.

Power Rangers has always been a very family friendly franchise and maybe the “R” rating was too much for it’s image.

What do you think? Should it have been pulled?