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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review – Perfection only improved

It’s been awhile since I really felt like I needed to pick up and play my Nintendo 3DS again. The last game that made me want to break it out was Samus Returns back in September, that’s not to say I still don’t love my 3DS system, I just have a huge backlog of games I still need to finish along while plenty of new titles that are being released constantly. Lucky for me, one title I’ve been really looking forward to playing Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is a game I am familiar with and loved the first time around.

Radiant Historia was released in 2011 on the Nintendo DS, meaning the last time I played this game was around six years ago and the first playthrough the game was spectacular that I found myself spending around an extra 12 hours after completing the game to find every possible scenario and obtain the true ending. It’s a game that truly is one of the hidden gems of the Nintendo DS with an amazing story, great characters, and a great battle system. So when Atlus announced that it would be releasing a remake for the Nintendo 3DS, which would include new content and a few new improvements from the original, I wondered If a wonderful game can get even better. Yes it can!

Radiant Historia has a very unique take on how the narrative comes together. This isn’t your typical “let’s save the world and be a hero” type of game, it has so much depth that revolves around choices you make and two different realities. This leads to various bad scenarios (endings) you can unlock, but even then, you instantly go right back before you made the decision but what I really enjoy about the game is how it all matters, especially if you are aiming for the true end. In Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology you play as Stocke, a special intelligence officer who is given a mission by his boss Heiss along with a special book, which he soon finds out that it has the ability to not only relive the past but let’s him have the ability of completely altering one’s fate but also travel down a completely different reality.

While both realities are similar, they show how the path can change based on one’s perspective or even the choices made by making a friend in one reality and an enemy in another. Stocke’s ability to travel not only between both realities but also return to any point in time is a great way of making the story not only exciting but fun as it also let’s you return to certain points where you can effectively change the entire outcome of an already established event.

Get Ready To Jump Around Time And Reality~ 

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology drips with so much personality thanks to the ability to relive any moment of the game thanks to the White Chronicles. Of course, this is also the most challenging aspect of the game because you are tasked with having to return to certain points of the game to alter history which leaves you scrambling to find the right moment in time which can be itself pretty painful.

Certain puzzles can only be solved at specific moments in the game, so it’s easy to just miss a sidequest or event you need to complete to proceed and at times you’ll also need to find yourself jumping into the other reality to affect certain characters or points in the game. It’s not a bad thing, it can get frustrating, but when you finally find that right moment you needed to be at you feel pretty rewarded and can move on to the next point.

A Wonderful Designed Battle System~

I’m a huge fan of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, it’s not too simple and not to complex for anyone to get into but also requires you to plan ahead to take full advantage of your teams strengths. In battle, your party consists of three characters each with their own different style of fighting and unique abilities, you also have the option to change their battle orders switching between not only your own character but also enemies. While this let’s you set up combos, doing this will also turn your character red which leaves them more vulnerable to critical damage (two characters in the game can actually give their turn to another team member later in the game).

Enemies appear in a 3 x 3 grid which means that you are able to also use techniques to push them back or to the side, you can also push enemies into the same space effectively doing damage to both at once rather than focus on dealing massive damage to one  enemy at a time with your stronger skills. There is a lot of depth to this, not only can you take advantage of the grid but enemies can too as they can move forward to deal more damage, try to get in formation to deal higher damage and some battles are also set up with vanguards in the front that  you need to deal with before you can deal damage to the enemies behind them since they are able to strengthen defense.

As the game progresses you are also able to use certain skills for your characters as each turn they gain mind points. These awaken abilities for each character can change the course of a battle which includes an ability that will delete one of your opponents turns in battle or deal massive damage to your characters, one that can heal your team and raise stats and one that transfers all your mind points to your character of choice. This can help easily overpower your opponents or even turn a losing battle in your favor.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology vs Radiant Historia~

At the start of the game, you are given the choice to play either the original version Radiant Historia with none of the new story or jump straight into Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. Seeing as I’ve played the game in the past and am still familiar with the story I chose to dive straight into the new story.

There’s so much new content that this game from the original, with the biggest one being the addition of a third timeline. In this new timeline, a new character named Nemesia is introduced, who is aware of Stocke’s abilities and recruits him to help her collect certain artifacts by traveling to other realities that are different from the ones already visited. These quests are unlocked by reaching certain points in the game and unlocking certain sidequests and not only add more background to the story and world but also unlock new scenarios in the game that weren’t in the original revealing even more of the game than before.

Character portraits have been redesigned which includes a completely new look for Princess Eruca, the game features voice-acting which wasn’t present in the first game, a new dungeon where you can unlock rarer items including weapons, armor and accessories by defeating enemies and a new support system has been added that let’s characters not in your team provide buffs or even attack enemies.


Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is a game that’s not only a great starting point for new players coming in offering two different points to enjoy the game but thanks to all the new additions it is worth revisiting the game for those who have already beaten the original. I’ve put almost 40 hrs into the game and I still have a few more missions to complete before unlocking the true, or maybe in this case “perfect”, ending and I’m still excited to find the quests I am missing.

It’s not the most visually appealing game on the Nintendo 3DS, in fact the game retains it’s Nintendo DS graphics but that doesn’t really matter as it delivers with story and content. This is definitely a must have game for 3DS owners who want that wonderful gaming experience.