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PS4 Launches a New Viral Site

Be the first to greatness.

Today on the PlayStation Blog, a new interactive site was announced that will unite gamers with the internet in a new way. The site called First To Greatness makes use of the PlayStation 4’s gameplay recording ability. Gamers can go to¬†playstation.firsttogreatness.com and link their PSN account to take part in the challenges. Be one of the first to complete a challenge, record it, upload it to Facebook and then the PlayStation site; you’ll have your name etched in history. Currently there are 64 challenges for games like Knack, NBA 2K14, Killzone, Assassin’s Creed, Injustice, Contrast and a few other launch titles. In addition to bragging rights, some of the clips will be used in a remake of their ” Perfect Day” commercial. Once those challenges have been completed on the site, new content will unlock but no word yet on just what that is.

You can watch a trailer for the site below.