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PS4 Exclusive Survival Horror Title S.O.N Receives First Gameplay Trailer

By Josh Brant

A spooky new gameplay trailer for a PS4 exclusive title called S.O.N. arrived on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. The trailer looks dark, creepy, and appears to feature a monster-like creature lurking in the shadows.

Developed by RedG Studios, S.O.N. is set in the present day where players take control of a Father, Robert Alderson, looking for his missing son, Jay. Robert’s quest to find his son leads him to a mysterious forest in Pennsylvania.

From the trailer, it does seem like there will be a focus of walking around in the dark and also plenty of jump-scares, judging by the way that creature randomly appears to the player.

S.O.N. will be coming to the PS4 as an exclusive with no release date given, only a cryptic countdown on their official site.