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“Prometheus” Sequel in the Works

Possible Spoiler Alert:

June of this year saw the release of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel “Prometheus.” The film was budgeted at $130 million and had a global gross of $303 million, which set it up to for a possible sequel. Now, Fox president of production Emma Watts confirmed that “Prometheus 2” is officially on track, with an eye toward a 2014 or 2015 release. Ridley Scott remains on board, according to Fox, though “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof might not be able to return for screenwriting duties because he “might not be available.” Actors Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, both of whom survive through the ending of the first film, are already signed for the sequel.

“Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right,” Watts told THR. “We can’t rush it.”

At the end of “Prometheus,” only two cast members are left standing — and technically, only one is standing. Elizabeth Shaw and the android David, now just a head in a bag, leave the wasteland of LV-223 behind by way of a commandeered Engineer ship, flying off to seek the answers they did not receive in this first film. Shortly after the movie’s release, Lindelof spoke with MTV News and explained why it was so crucial to leave things vague at the end of the film.

“I really believe — and this is not shamed hucksterism — that upon multiple viewings of the movie or just entering into conversation with people who have seen it, there are a lot more answers there than people think there are and room for theories, but the movie needed to end in a way that is Shaw still searching,” he said. “She is not satisfied with the answers that she got. I think that’s very indicative, hopefully, if Shaw is supposed to be the audience proxy, they’re supposed to be feeling the same way that she is at the end of the movie.”

With a “Prometheus” sequel now on track for a 2014 or 2015 release date, it’s looking likelier and likelier that both Shaw and the audience will get the answers they’re seeking. But they’ll have to be patient; both Scott and Fassbender are hard at work on the drug drama “The Counselor,” so any further “Prometheus” collaborations will have to wait until that movie’s completion.

Is a sequel to this mediocre fare warranted?

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