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Preview: Far Cry 5 Continues to Impress

Having played quite a bit of Far Cry 5 at various preview events, I suspect that this might wind up being the series’ greatest game yet. Of course, we won’t know for sure until it’s complete, but what I do know is that when I start playing, I have trouble wanting to stop.

I consider myself a Far Cry fan since 3, though I was not to0 keen on 4 as it felt like more of the same, and I’m sure Ubisoft Montreal recognized that and set out to make Far Cry 5 feel new and familiar.

Before throwing me into the open-world, I played the first hour of the story, where you have to go arrest the cult leader Joseph Seed. Long story short, things go South REAL fast, and you wake up at a resistance base set on island in the middle of a lake. This place serves as a tutorial area where you can liberate a few buildings, discover points of interests, basically learn how to weaken the cult’s defenses. Think of it like The Great Plateau in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, only smaller and straight to the point.

After I finished the main objective on the isle, I was thrown into the open world with a few outposts that needed liberating. I took back the Baron Lumber Mill, which rewarded me with a quest to take down a nasty cult member dubbed The Cook. Since my ally was using a bow, I decided to use one as well for more stealthy takedowns. You can watch this quest in the video posted below.

I could go on about what I did in the Far Cry 5 demo I played, but I want to answer the question of what makes this version special so far. From what I’ve seen, it plays towards Far Cry’s strengths and works on eliminating what made the games so repetitive. I put a ton of enjoyable hours in to Far Cry 3 and Primal, but I could not deny that there was some redundancy in the way they were designed. I didn’t realize until playing 5 that the radio towers in 3 and 4 were a complete nuisance, and I appreciate that this new game is taking a realistic approach in how you gather information on the map, such as talking to people and reading signs. It’s these little changes that make a huge impact on the overall experience.

Then there is the way main quests are handled. Story missions aren’t exactly story missions this time around. You have to build up the resistance meter of each area you’re in, which will attract that area’s cult leader. Liberating outposts, completing resistance quests, and rescuing hostages will get you one step closer to Joseph Seed. The best part is that there are multiple quests to choose from rather than one story quest at a time.

There is a lot to look forward to in Far Cry 5, especially if you’re a fan of open-world games. If these good qualities remain throughout, then this could be the best game in the franchise yet. Far Cry 5 launches on March 27, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.