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the-barberTuesday afternoon at Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop in Hollywood, a press day was held for the upcoming mystery thriller The BarberThe Barber stars Scott Glenn (Netflix’s Daredevil) , Chris Coy (The Walking Dead), Kristen Hager (Wanted), Max Arciniega and Olivia Taylor Dudley. Scott Glenn who plays Eugene Van Wingerdt in the film, sat down with Nuke the Fridge’s own Chris Salce and talked about the film and his upcoming Netflix series Daredevil.


Chris: You’ve done a good amount of films, Silence of the Lambs, a couple of the Bourne films, what was most challenging about this role? How was it different from your previous roles?

Glenn: Getting to play a character where I get to paint so many colors and playing a character in a film that’s so unpredictable. It keeps shifting ground on you and shifting gears on the audience on almost every level, emotionally and physically and kind of getting to turn what could be preconceptions on your head like the preconception of what old age looks like physically, of the relationship between a father and son or a hunter and the hunted or mentor and student. And all of those things keep getting shuffled and spun on the audience. This is almost like a mystery that keeps solving itself and then you realize, they are b.s.ing you and that’s not the answer. That was kind of…challenge is probably a wrong word because challenges are things that you made and you are either successful or you’re not, these are more demands. You had to make these things happen if this movie is going to work at all and I just love that.

Chris: Talking about the twists in the movie, it seems like there are a lot more twists in movie recently. How do you feel about having twists in movies, do you feel that it’s a good thing or bad thing?  It’s like maybe you get the audience to buy into something that all of a sudden gets flipped on them almost all of the time. Do you prefer them?

Glenn: I think for me, the worst thing you can say about art is that it’s predictable, you can see what’s coming. The best thing you can say is that it’s unpredictable. There are a lot of films with twists but you see them coming, you know. You see the guy winding up and you can see by the way he’s holding the ball, it’s gonna be a curveball. Okay, so I’m gonna hit the curveball that’s coming across the plate. So it’s not so much whether there are a lot of twists or not, but how unique and authentic and original as the story. And is it something you can clock right away or is it kinda blindsiding ya?

Chris: You had a lot of on screen time with Chris Coy who plays John McCormack in the film, how was it like to work with him?

Glenn: Chris is great and number one, i’m like super jealous of him as I am because he’s also a musician, which I’m not and if I could like wake up tomorrow and play a guitar like Jack White or sing like Marvin Gaye, my life would be complete. He [Coy] is a really good musician and a sweet guy and a really good actor.

Chris: Now you’re going to be doing some Marvel stuff with Daredevil, how exciting is it to be a part of the Marvel Universe?

Glenn: It’s really, really exciting. It’s kinda daunting because I’ve been telling my wife for the last eight or nine years, ‘how come they’re always having me be this old guy that sits behind a desk and sends the kids out to have all this fun?’ And for Daredevil, I loved it because…I didn’t know that world at all. I mean I understood right away that like in the world of Marvel, the people that I was working with were either in the 70’s or people your age [20’s] but they all were fanatical about the world of comics. I took it seriously and I realized that I had to play this character not tongue and cheek but seriously and I had to deal with something that I’ve never had to deal with as an actor in my life, which is being blind. And all of a sudden I’m kind of playing a character like Zatoichi, the blind swordsman. I’m a blind assassin and a martial arts master. So it meant aside from doing what you normally have to do as an actor such as making real emotional connections with the people you’re working with to move the story along and things like that, it also meant that you would have to be doing a ton of martial arts. I mean real Hong Kong Bruce Lee martial arts…blind. I don’t want to get into too much of the show but I was going to have to deal with that stuff for the first time in my life, so that was exciting, demanding and fun.

Chris: Talking about action, you did a little bit of action in this film, how is it doing action at your age? Cause’ I know I can’t even do it at my age now.

Glenn: (Laughs) You know..I’ve been blessed with, or cursed with a face of a hundred year old and a body of a twenty-two year old and how that happened, I don’t know. I’m not super strong or anything like that but in terms of bodyweight, the other day I did forty dead hang pull-ups. I ski and open water spear fish and free dive and do track days on motorcycles so I mean, I live a kind of adolescent life. My daughters who are grown, every birthday I have always ask me a question, which is ‘dad, what are you gonna be when you grow up?’ So for me, the physical stuff…you know…I know that one day I’m gonna wake up and it’s just gonna f***ing shutdown on me but it hasn’t happened yet.


Scott Glenn and Chris Salce


The Barber hits select theaters and VOD March 27.

Here is the synopsis and trailer for The Barber:

Eugene van Wingerdt (Scott Glenn) is a small-town barber hiding a dark secret. Twenty years earlier he was arrested for several gruesome murders, but was released due to insufficient evidence. The detective in charge of the case killed himself in despair. Now the detective’s son is in town, with a few secrets of his own. Is he seeking revenge or hoping to learn at the feet of the master? Through the film’s myriad twists and turns, you’ll realize there’s much more to evil than you ever could imagine.

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