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25646The Predator legacy continues with in Predator: Fire and Stone.


Taking place after the events of Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1-#4 and Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #1 Galgo’s troubles continue when his ship is shanghaied by a Predator stowaway. Its obsession with a mysterious, deadly quarry sends them to the last place in the universe Galgo’d like to revisit—the Xeno-infested LV-223!


Right as you turn the cover page, you’re put right into the action on the UE-753, Kaus Borealis system. Being as the first few pages are in untranslated alien talk, artist Chris Mooneyham has the difficult duty of telling the story without any words. He really does let his pencils do the talking and he does a great job at telling the story without any english words in the panels. The action speaks for itself as the Predator takes on some four armed alien warriors. Once we finally get some english words in the story, we follow Galgo and his confrontation with the predator. Without giving away any spoilers, the two embark on a journey that also ends in some alien killing action.


Reading this issue, I realized that both the writer Joshua Williamson and the artist Chris Mooneyham, really had their work cut out for them. To have to tell a story with an alien language, it means that the art really has to tell the story more than any usual comic book, which seems pretty hard but the two pull it off pretty well.

prfsn2p4Predator Fire and Stone really does add to the legacy of the iconic creature. That’s all thanks to Joshua Williamson, Chris Mooneyham and Dark Horse Comics. The series stays true to the Predator and only makes him even more of a badass character in pop culture. I do wish that there was a bit more action in this issue but that’s just me wanting to see more of the Predator in action. All in all, I think that Predator fans would be happy to read this and get their dose of the creature that we have not seen on screen in a few years. I’m sure that the series will only continue to add to the Predator’s legacy especially when we see some more Predator vs. Alien.