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Powerpuff Girls #1 000a

The city of Townsville, always wanted to say that. One of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows, Powerpuff Girls, comes to the printed page in IDW’s latest licensed book. Long time fans of the show can rest easy because this book is a welcomed addition to the awesome action tomfoolery the Powerpuff Girls show is known and loved for.

Writer and artist Troy Little does a unique job of marrying the quips, cuteness, and comedic action of the show with something it never had, a sense of prolonged story. Issue one is a basic introduction to the world and characters through its events which is great for not bogging down both kids and adults with heavy exposition. We see the hardened leader Blossom, sweetly adorable Bubbles, and the rough and tough Buttercup deal with their nemesis MoJo Jojo post haste, move on to a quick second adventure fight with a swamp monster and set up for an interesting premise in the next issue.

IDW has done some great stuff with their licenses and missed the mark on other things. Here they demonstrate what all ages can be; fun and simple for kids yet entertaining enough for grown up kids (you know who you are). The only problem with the book is in the chances it doesn’t take, each page is laid out in a repetitive panel pattern that lulls the eyes a bit and then BAM, you’re hit with a single splash page at the end. This is a brand that could benefit from some Flash style panel innovation which can only come with taking artistic chances.

Powerpuff Girls #1 003

Overall, Powerpuff Girls #1 looks and reads like a great Saturday morning comic book. We dug the book and hope this becomes a series that gets parents with their kids out to the comic book stores and away from those new fangled electronic games.

7 out of 10! Neat !