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Power up Frank West with these new outfits in DEAD RISING 4

Dead Rising has always had a bit of fun including various costumes, moves and Easter Eggs from various Capcom titles. While the Mega Man X Costume has been featured in various games including the first game, Capcom is taking it a step further with the addition of Capcom Heroes.

By purchasing or unlocking certain costumes, you gain abilities of the characters including Cammy, X and Sissel from Ghost Trick. Now a few more outfits have been revealed including Dante from Devil May Cry, Zombie Frank and Adam the Clown from the first Dead Rising game.

It looks like a fun way to enjoy the game outside the story mode. Honestly, I’ve always thought Capcom should have introduced Dante into the game since it would seem like a natural fit but Frank West cosplaying as Zombie is just as good.

Capcom Heroes will be a free update for those who already own Dead Rising 4 on the Xbox One and PC. It will also be included in Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package on the PlayStation 4 when it releases on December 5th.