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Last month, Toho Studios announced they would make a new Godzilla film.  Something they hadn’t done in over 12 years when they released “Godzilla: Final Wars” in 2004. With Toho believing the big green guy is making a  revival, they made this proclamation:

“The time has come to make a film that will not bow down to the Hollywood film.”

True to keeping their word, Toho released a poster to promote their film which will arrive in theaters sometime in 2016. Check it out!Godzilla 2016a

The new Japanese version will utilize a combination of rapidly improving filmmaking techniques and know-how developed over the years in Japan. All details and information will be released at this year’s Godzilla Conference or “Godzi-con.”

Last year’s Legendary Pictures/Gareth Edwards “Godzilla” hit took the world by storm and became a box office sensation by grossing close to $528.6 million.

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