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Pokemon Sword And Shield Go Open World

During today’s Pokemon Direct, The Pokemon Company released information on the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games. One of the biggest reveals was that of the open world elements coming to the series.

After last year’s release of Pokemon Let’s Go, Fans have become accustom to seeing Pokemon show up in the wilds. Well, while more hidden than in Let’s Go, Pokemon will again appear on screen in the wild.

It appears that some elements of random encounters will still be present, but players will have at least a better idea of what they are about to face. It was stated that weather, and area conditions will heavily affect what appears, and what sneaks up on the player.

Although some are impossible to hide…

Not only this, but players will also experience a fully controllable camera, and be able to travel the wild area and explore in an open world format.

These are all welcome additions to the series, and will greatly improve the Pokemon experience on The Switch.