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Plot Revealed and Filming Begins on “The Hangover Part 3”

Warner Bros. has announced that filming is underway for “The Hangover Part 3.” Riding the wave of success the original film had with movie attendees and critics in 2009, the movie set a new record for an R-rated comedy by grossing 467.5 million worldwide. The sequel did even better than the first by earning $100 million more than the original.

The third installment will feature the original cast with a few members returning from the first movie. The film promises to be different from its predecessors by changing the formula, which the second film was panned for by critics because of its lack of originality.

“Hangover” star Zach Galifiankis sat down recently for an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He revealed some information about what “The Hangover 3” might entail. He was quoted as saying:

According to what [Galifianakis has] heard, the plot [of ‘Hangover 3’] ditches the format of the first two and focuses on his character escaping from a mental institution with help from the wolf pack.

“The Hangover Part 3” will open in theaters on May 24th, 2013. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ed Helms, Heather Graham, John Goodman, Ken Jeong, Mike Epps, Sasha Barrese, Mike Tyson, Sondra Currie, Peter Chao, and Alan D. Purwin. Craig Mazin and Todd Phillips wrote the screenplay. Todd Phillips directs.

Will you be lining up for this nuthouse caper?

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