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PlayStation Project Morpheus VR Headset


PlayStation VR

Sony has formally announced its virtual reality prototype for PlayStation 4, dubbed Project Morpheus. The head-mounted display features a white visor with a black wrap-around piece along the eye-line, and the edges of the device give off a blue LED glow. The prototype will be available for developers to begin creating games soon.

Sony has also indicated a number of software developers, including Epic Games and Crytek, are already on-board with Project Morpheus. VR capabilities will go beyond games, as well. One of the projects Marks is currently working on involves a virtual walk on the surface of Mars, in partnership with NASA. Sony believes the six principles of VR focus on sight, sound, tracking, control, ease of use, and content.

Sony isn’t treating this as a new peripheral but a new medium for entertainment. We’re still quite aways away from seeing any kind of retail close version of the headset but it’s safe to start imagining the possibilities. VR Mortal Kombat will be epic!