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PlayStation Now Will Allow You to Download Select PS4 and PS2 Games Directly

Sony announced today that select titles from the PS4 and PS2 will now be able to be downloaded onto your console so that you can play games offline if needed. The description for this new feature says that “almost all” PS4 titles that are available through PlayStation Now will able to be downloaded alongside those PS2 titles that have been remastered for PS4.

You were only able stream them rather than download them natively onto your PS4 before. Thankfully, it appears that will no longer be the case in at least some instances.

While there’s no price increase needed to download games in this manner, the only thing you are required to do is connect to the Internet once every few days so that the service can verify your subscription.

While it’s kind of a shame that this download method doesn’t extend to all games included on PlayStation Now, it’s a good starting point and definitely makes the service just a bit more alluring.

Source: PS Blog