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Planet Hulk Slated After ‘The Avengers 2’

5221In September, Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige announced that a stand-alone Hulk film would not be made until after the events in “The Avengers 2” take place.  The Hulk film following “The Avengers” sequel will start Marvel’s Phase III series of films.  Apparently, word has leaked that the highly popular Planet Hulk comic book storyline will be adapted for the big screen.  Here is what the story is about.

The Hulk’s allies on Earth (Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt, and Doctor Strange) decide he is too dangerous, so they put him in a shuttle and attempt to send him to a peaceful world. He awakens on board the shuttle before it arrives at its intended destination. When he goes into a fit of rage, breaking his restraints, he also causes enough damage to veer it off course, resulting in a crash on the planet Sakaar. Imperial guards appear and attach an obedience disk to the Hulk, allowing them to communicate. The Hulk is imprisoned with Hiroim, Korg, Miek, Elloe Kaifi, Lavin Skee, an Android, and a few hived natives. 

the-avengers-mark-ruffalo-hulk-disneyThe slaves are forced to fight for their freedom in three gladiator battles. Their first opponents are Korg’s brothers. Lavin Skee and the natives die in the battle. Hulk attacks the Red King who presides over the arena, but is defeated by the emperor’s lieutenant, Caiera. Red King allows the Hulk to live because the crowd is entertained, but secretly plots his death. 

The other gladiators hold a service for Lavin Skee and form a Warbound pact, revealing their pasts to each other. Elloe also tells Hiroim that some civilians believe the Hulk is the true “Sakaarson,” a foretold savior. Hulk refuses the title. The other gladiators fight their second round against the Wildebots, and are victorious. 

Later, Caiera comes to the Hulk and reveals her past. As a child, creatures known as “Spikes” attacked her home-town. The Red Prince (now the Red King) killed off the Spikes with his Death’s Head guards (Hiroim called them Death’s Hand), after which Caiera pledged allegiance to the prince. She worries Hulk’s popularity will turn the people away from the Red King, and encourages him to escape. That night the resistance comes to rescue the gladiators but the Hulk refuses to go, warning there’s a trap. Elloe leaves, and the rest of Warbound are forced to listen to the resistance fighters being attacked. 

For the third and final fight, their opponent is Beta Ray Bill, compelled by an obedience disk to kill or be killed. The Hulk and Bill battle fiercely. During their fight Hiroim notices Hulk’s blood on the dirt is bringing plants to life – a sign of the Sakaarson. Hulk destroys Bill’s obedience disk, but continues his attack, pummeling Bill to near-death. 

The Red King announces the Warbound as free citizens, but asks them to show loyalty to him by executing Elloe. They refuse and the Red King orders their death. However, Beta Ray Bill awakens and uses the power of his hammer to destroy all obedience disks in the coliseum. Bill offers to take Hulk back to Earth, but he refuses. Bill leaves the planet as Warbound escape to the resistance’s hideout at a nearby town. The Hulk goes his own way. 

Caiera catches up to Hulk after the Red King orders her to kill him. They fight until Caiera spots a Spike ship,planet-hulk which they follow to the town where the Warbound are staying. Caiera, Hulk, and the Warbound work together to protect the town. When she calls the Red King for help, he reveals the Spikes are his creation. A bomb hits, destroying almost everything except the protected civilians of the cave. After the smoke clears, the unharmed Caiera finds the Hulk’s body and informs the Red King he is dead. The King demands Hulk’s body. 

Caiera, the shackled Warbound, and the Hulk’s corpse are brought to the Red King, who is wearing his imperial armor. As he gloats over the Hulk’s death, Hulk’s is revealed to be alive and attacks the king. Caiera sets the rest of Warbound free and they fight the guards. The Hulk and Red King continue to fight, and Hulk overpowers him. The Red King is infected by a spike bug and is killed by his Death’s Head guards. 

Order is restored to Sakaar and the Hulk accepts the role of Sakaarson and the new king of Sakaar. He, his wife and queen Caiera, and the Warbound stood as heroes in front of the whole of Sakaar’s citizens.

With this storyline in place, Marvel can easily set up the events for “The Avengers 3” by adapting the World War Hulk story for the film.  The major concern is getting all the rights to the characters who appeared in the comic book.  Here is the storyline for World War Hulk.

Everything Hulk has worked so hard to build comes crashing down around him when the ship that brought him to Sakaar is investigated. The Sakaar people did not care about Hulk’s origin, or that he was there because the Illuminati of earth saw fit to banish Hulk, they cared only about Hulk’s actions since coming to Sakaar. The Sakaar people made the ship into a shrine celebrating Hulk’s arrival and their subsequent liberation . When Hulk and Caiera are brought to view this Shrine, the ship begins to emit overload warnings. Angered once again at those who sent him there, Hulk grabs the ship and hurls it into the sky. Hulk’s actions did not matter as the ship exploded before leaving the planet’s atmosphere, destroying virtually all life on the planet including Caiera. Hulk is left alone and hurt, king of a now broken and desolate planet that threatens to take Hulk as well. Hulk’s Warbound are all that survives the destruction of Sakaar, and with a robot that can navigate most of the known universe Hulk, Korg, Miek, No-Name the Broodspawn, Elloe, and Hiroim forge weapons and plot a course to Earth to seek revenge on those that destroyed their paradise. 

On the way back to Earth the true nature of Hulk’s rage begins to frighten his allies. When a group of alien parasites sweeps over the ship intending to take it for themselves, Hulk loses control to his anger. Hulk tears through the invading aliens not even seeing them, but instead seeing only the faces of those that sent him away. Wanting to help their comrade, No-name and Korg exited the ship to assist Hulk. Still seeing the faces of the Illuminati in everyone around him Hulk nearly kills two of his closest allies. Concerned for the Hulk as well as their own safety, Hiroim teaches Hulk to meditate, helping him to control and direct his anger while still keeping in control of his rage. Hulk works with Hiroim to develop a plan of action. Using Hulk’s knowledge of his enemies strengths and weaknesses, Hiroim is able to come up with a plan of attack, starting with taking out their most powerful enemy, Black Bolt the king of the Inhumans. Meanwhile, back on Earth She-Hulk has been depowered. After she learned about what the Illuminati did by sending her cousin into space, she punched out Iron Man, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also, feeling that he owes Hulk a debt for saving his life, Amadeus Cho is working to assemble a group of Hulk’s most powerful allies to support Hulk upon his return.

Dawn of War

Hulk arrives first on the Earth’s Moon, facing off against Black Bolt and Medusa of the Inhumans. Hulk is warned that a single whisper on the lips of Black Bolt can destroy Hulk. Attacking the King, Hulk is hurled backward by the power of Black Bolt’s whisper. Enraged, the Hulk attacks again telling Black Bolt that Hulk didn’t come for a whisper and wants to hear him scream. He projects an image of himself in New York City, and talks about the bad that Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt, and Mr. Fantastic have done to him. He urges that Manhattan be evacuated, or, as he holds up a mauled Black Bolt, “I will do THIS to your whole puny planet.” Shortly afterwards, New York’s heroes are seen evacuating Manhattan, to the public’s disapproval. Iron Man offered complete freedom to any unregistered hero who would register, and also fight on the side of Earth, against Hulk.

World War

Iron Man dons his “Hulkbuster” Suit, in hopes of defeating Hulk. As the fight rages on, Iron Man, in a monologue, takes full responsibility for the incident, and explains that he knew that this day would come, as soon as he heard news that Hulk had not reached his destination. As they are battling, Iron Man injects nanobots into Hulk’s bloodstream. This was supposed to slow him down, but hasn’t seemed to take effect yet. After much fighting in the now empty Manhattan, Iron Man seems to have defeated Hulk. But, after a flashback of the death of his wife, Caiera, he only becomes angrier. He bursts from the crater his body had created, and dominates Iron Man. 

Next, he sets his eyes on Reed Richards. All of the Fantastic Four comes to his aid including its temporary members Black Panther and Storm. After the ensuing battle in which the Fantastic Four is defeated Reed escapes to find Sentry, one of Hulks best friends. Sentry recalled his last visit with the Hulk when he was battling the Void and decides not to go. With this news Reed tries to create the illusion that Sentry is appearing in an effort to quell the Hulks rage. This does not work. 

After defeating the Fantastic Four the Hulk sets out to kill Doctor Strange. Strange unleashes the power of the Sorcerer Supreme only to be defeated by the Hulk. Strange then fuses with the demon Zom replacing his shattered hands with battle axes. Somehow the Hulk still managed to defeat Dr. Strange. 

Hulk and the Warbound then decide to build a coliseum. In it Hulk has the super hero Mister Fantastic fight Tony without his armor using control units from Sakaar. Eventually Reed defeats Tony and ordered to kill him but before anything can happens Hulk stops the telling them he came for “justice not murder”. Hulk also tells them of his plan to destroy New York with no one in it and to leave the Illuminati in defeat. Then before this destruction the Sentry finally makes a appearance. They battle for a very long time and in the end the two lead to a stalemate, with both reverting to human forms as Banner weakly throws the last punch leaving Reynolds to collapse before him. As Banner extends his hand to Rick Jones as truce, Miek one of the Warbound lashes out at Banner but strikes Rick instead. This causes Bruce to revert back to the Hulk and angrily attacks Miek. It is then Miek reveals the truth. He says that Hulk conquered Sakaar and killed the Red King. But he should also have slaughtered his people. Instead he let them live. So, he watched as they loaded an old warp core into the shuttle that brought the Hulk in the first place. He didn’t warn anyone or stop the Red King’s followers as he knew, that it wouldn’t kill the Hulk, it would just remind him what he was made for. As No-Name assaults Miek brutally in retaliation, Miek’s betrayal angers the Hulk and his rage increases beyond anything he has ever felt. In his rage, Hulk releases so much energy that each of his footsteps causes tremors alongside the entire eastern seaboard, throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. Screaming out his hatred and rage, he asked the heroes to stop him before he ‘breaks the world.’ 

In defense Iron Man then activates a series of satellite anti-gamma lasers which fire and finally ends the Hulk’s prolonged rampage. Leading to the arrest of Bruce Banner. Now (Banner) locked up three miles inside the Earth’s crust inside a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison lies in a coma-like state. As then Skaar, son of Hulk, rises from the destruction of Sakaar. What happens now awaits to be seen.

If what has been reported is true, then the storyline will be set up at the end of “The Avengers 2.” Until that time arrives, fans will have to be content on watching Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Ant Man in their own films.

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