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Photos & Clips From The COMPADRES Movie!



In Theaters Friday, April 22nd!

Check out some stills and the trailer from the comedy action film below!

Kevin Pollak - Banker 2

Aislinn - Mar+-ía


Omar y Erick - Garza y Santos


A former cop Garza (Omar Chaparro) seeks revenge on Santos (Erick Elias), a crime lord who framed him for a crime he didn’t commit and kidnapped the women he loves (Aislinn Derbez).  In his search for vengeance, Garza tracks down the accountant responsible for stealing $10 million dollars from Santos.  To his surprise, the accountant turns out to be a 17 year old American computer hacker named Vic (Joey Morgan).   As unlikely allies, they both join forces to find Santos before he finds them.

Directed By: Enrique Begne

Written By: Enrique Begne, Ted Perkins, and Gabriel Ripstein

Starring: Eric Roberts, Kevin Pollak, Aislinn Derbez, Héctor Jiménez, Joey Morgan, Omar Chaparro, Erick Elias, and More.

Runtime:  1 hr. 41 min.