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Peter Parker Will Make His Return With the Relaunch of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN


Guess who’s back? Peter Parker will officially be coming back to the comic book world!

Coming this April, Peter Parker will once again put on the Spidey suit as he makes his return with the relaunch of  The Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man series will reunite the duo of  writer Dan Slott & artist Humberto Ramos, the same two guys that crafted Parker’s death by the hands of Dr.Ock in the Amazing Spider-Man 700.

So where has Peter Parker’s mind been all this time? Slott explains in an interview with Newsarama,

That’s part of the story we’re going to tell. For the first nine issues of Superior Spider-Man you had ghost Peter watching in horror at all the things Otto was doing to his life. After #9 though, ghost Peter hasn’t seen a thing. So when Peter does come back, he’s very much in a “Rip Van Winkle” scenario waking up to all these massive changes. Otto’s been very busy. SpideyOck blew up Horizon Labs? What?! For 50-something issues, working at Horizon Labs had been Peter’s dream job, and it’s gone! Kablooey.”

Are you happy that Peter Parker is back?


Source: Newsarama