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The-Hobbit-The-Desolation-of-Smaug-movieCaliburn24 here at Laketown.

Peter Jackson has just released a new blog for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. He begins the video blog with a lengthy apology for not having anything for Comic Con. This is Production Diary 11. The film is due to be released on December 13th. It begins with Radagast (Sylvester McCoy), warning Gandalf (Ian McKellan), “Gandalf, if what you say is true, the world is in grave danger.” There is a scene with snow falling in Laketown, Thranduil (Lee Pace) draws his sword, and several scenes with green screen in the background. The enormous construction for the pick up shooting is shown. Laketown, Mirkwood Forest, and Dale are reassembled for the pick ups. The armory of Dale is also shown. The actors playing the Dwarves are brought in for stunt rehearsals. Jackson discusses the Battle of the Five Armies which he says will be in the third film. Adam Brown as Ori introduces the Dwarf training regimen. In full makeup, the Dwarves put on some headbands to Dwarvicise. Jackson explains about the pick ups with a scene where the river flooded the area they were shooting at with the Dwarves recovering from their barrel ride. Radagast poo is applied to McCoy for pick ups. A fire evacuates the production crew. McKellan greets Evangeline Lily. Orlando Bloom and Lilly are seen on a greenscreen steed, likely the Irish Elk that Thranduil rode in the first film. Luke Evans who plays Bard the Bowman shows the Laketown set and the growth of actor, John Bell, who plays Bain, Bard’s son. It ends with beautiful effects shots of Laketown.

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