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Persona 5’s Joker and Dragon Quest XI Hero Amiibo coming this Fall

Today’s Smash Direct focused on revealing the next DLC character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and while we knew it would be a character from ARMS we didn’t know exactly which character it would be until now.

Following the reveal, which had a pretty amazing intro, Masahiro Sakurai revealed two new amiibo set for release this Fall.
First up is Joker. I was excited when it was revealed that Joker would be added to the cast back at the Video Game Awards back in 2018 and I couldn’t wait for the eventual amiibo release and I am not disappointed. I love the detail and more importantly the base as it really makes Joker stand out. As someone who has collected all the Smash Bros. amiibo released to date, this is easily the best one if the final product looks like the one shown.

Also shown was the Dragon Quest XI Hero aka Eleven. Another great design I’m actually pretty interested to see if Nintendo will release amiibo of the other DQ characters which while we don’t expect would be pretty cool.

Can’t wait to add these to my collection. What do you think?