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Palmiotti & Gray Look to the Stars with FORAGER

The team of Palmiotti & Gray are looking for a few good sci-fi fans to help launch their latest book.


Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (All Star Western, Batwing) launched their latest Kickstarter today to help fund their upcoming all-ages sci-fi graphic novel, Forager. At its core Forager is a story about a crumbling family tying to hold it together wrapped in space prophecy and science fiction richness.

Here’s what the Paperfilms team had to say directly from their Kickstarter:
“The inspiration for FORAGER was born out of frustration with mainstream science fiction movies where nearly all alien life in the universe wants to conquer or eat us. There is very little optimism, hope or joy. So FORAGER draws its inspiration films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET and Starman.”


This is the Paperfilms team’s fifth Kickstarter funded project. Like Retrovirus, Queen Crab, and Weapon of God before it; Forager’s campaign looks to give comic book fans who love great story telling a huge bang for their buck. Fans should note the reward tiers for this KickStarter include limited edition pieces by Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke. For the collectors out there, the team is doing this book as a print on demand format, meaning those who order the book through the Kickstarter will be the only ones to get a cover drawn by Conner.

Find all the details about Forager and its Kickstarter here.


Allow David to Hawaiian Punch you full of tweets as he harasses Palmiotti into finally getting Captain Brooklyn going.