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THE PACT 2 Review

“The Pact 2,” the sequel to the 2012 horror mystery thriller “The Pact,” takes place just weeks after Annie Barlow (Caity Lotz) took care of the plague that was the Judas Killer. The sequel follows June Abbott (Camilla Luddington), who suffers from nightmares involving a serial killer. To make matters worse, these nightmares start getting a bit more real when an FBI investigator shows up at June’s door with a photo of the victim of the a new copycat Judas Killer, who is also the woman that has been appearing in her nightmares.


Now to start off, I must say that I’m not a person who is a horror buff or who typically watches horror films. I do have some favorites of course but a lot of the newer horror films seem kind of repetitive to me. With that being said, this film has a little of everything.

“The Pact 2” starts off a bit slow but once the mystery picks up, then it gets interesting. Without giving any spoilers, there’s a few twists in the film which makes it kind of hard to predict what is going to happen, which is a good thing. The mystery behind June’s nightmares is really what helps keep this film moving and keeps your attention.

Of course with every horror movie, you have death. Death seems to always be the main character in horror films right? “The Pact 2” does have a few pretty brutal deaths but if you’re a person that’s all about gore, this film doesn’t offer too much gore but it doesn’t really need it. Where some may think it lacks in gore, it makes up for it when it comes to the paranormal aspect of it.

The paranormal side of “The Pact 2” really adds a lot the film because it makes it seem like anything goes and anything can happen. It does make for a few pretty freaky scenes that can make some want to put their hands over their eyes.

The acting in the film is not too bad. Camilla Luddington did a pretty good job as being the center of the film, especially for it being her first film as she usually appears on a number of TV series and does voice work for Lara Croft on the Tomb Raider franchise. Patrick Fischler who plays the stern and tough FBI Agent Ballard, makes it easy not to like his character in the film, so he does a great job at that. Caity Lotz who plays Annie Barlow, goes from the main character in the first Pact film, to playing a supporting character in “The Pact 2.” Some fans of the first film, may be wanting to see more of Lotz but this is more of June’s story. With the screen time that we do see of Lotz, she does pretty good at playing a supporting role.

“The Pact 2” may not have enough deaths for hardcore horror fans but it does have a bit of everything. Fans of mysteries and twists will be interested in this one.

“The Pact 2” will be released Oct. 10 and stars Camilla Luddington, Caity Lotz, Marc Steger, Scott Michael Foster, Patrick Fischler, Haley Hudson.