PACIFIC RIM ‘Drift Space’ Featurette!

Caliburn24 here ready for the Neural Bridge to Pacific Rim.
Guillermo del Toro introduces a featurette released to IGN explaining about the neural link between the Jaeger (giant robot) pilots in the film.  The featurette shows more scenes from the film than previewed in the trailers.  The opening has the “pilot to pilot connection engaged” with the female robotic voice.  The pilots are in helmeted white suits with a neural link that runs from their spinal cord.   Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket, explains the interaction of the computer and the pilots is called “The Drift” called the “Neural Bridge.”  The Drift appears to be the memories floating in wispy blue threads.  Robert Kazinky, Chuck Hansen in the film, notes that the neural load of running the Jaegers would overload a single pilot so the Jaegers use left hemisphere and right hemisphere pilots.  Max Martini and Hunnam discussed that Drifting accesses the memories of both pilots.  Rinko Kikuchi, who plays pilot Mako Mori, also notes how all of the memories merge in the Drift.  Del Toro further explains, “You have to know that the other pilot is going to know everything about you, good or bad.  You have to be prepared to let somebody literally peek into your soul, peek into your head.”  Pacific Rim opens on July 12th.