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The Wizard of Oz has been recreated and revisited many, many times before. Throughout movies, TV series, books and comic books, there have been hundreds of Oz themed things. Well, with Zenescope revisiting Oz once again, you have never seen Oz quite like this.

Let’s begin with the story. The story follows Dorothy Gale and the aftermath of her defeating evil and becoming not only a hero to the people of Oz but also a leader. Well, that’s what the people hope she will be.

The story is very interesting because it is almost a completely different story than all of the the Oz stories out there and the only thing that keeps this story related to them, is the characters. This version of Oz is a more sexy, darker and grittier version. Though the characters of the classic and the Zenescope version share the same basic ideas, these new modernized characters look amazing and are only something you can get from inside of a comic book.


There isn’t much action in this issue but that’s perfectly fine because there is a huge amount of story being told in it. The story may be a bit complexed for some but if you didn’t read any of Zenescope’s other Oz tales, this one gives you plenty of backstory of what you may have missed and the who is who in the story.

As a big fan of Wizard of Oz, I’m very picky on when it comes to revisions and how it gets reimagined. As I said before, I feel that Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen is a whole completely different story and the only thing that keeps it “Oz” is the characters. This story belongs in a class of its own because it stands out from the rest.


Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen #1 is available April 29.