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Overwatch’s Newest Developer Update Details Ashe’s Backstory and Abilities

A new developer update video for Overwatch has gone up, focusing on the details of Ashe, otherwise known as Hero 29.

Most of the details Jeff Kaplan discusses in this developer update were available in the original announcement update to the Overwatch website, but this video has studio head Kaplan giving even more details.

Ashe was introduced in the Reunion animated short focusing on McCree and his old group, the Deadlock gang. While that video appeared to be teasing the next playable character was Echo, it ended up being Ashe the white haired leader of the gang McCree fought.

Kaplan discusses some of Ashe’s backstory and how her parents were wealthy and neglected her. She led a privileged life but no familial support led to her rebellious role as an outlaw and founded Deadlock gang, recruiting McCree into its ranks before a falling out between them.

Ashe is a Damage character, wielding a Viper semi automatic rifle with two firing modes: a hip fire mode with reduced accuracy and damage or an aim down sights mode with more accuracy and damage but a slower fire rate.

Ashe’s Coach gun is a shotgun blast that knocks her back and if aimed at an enemy moves them back as well. She can use it to gain height as well.

Her secondary ability is a bundle of dynamite that blows up and does damage over time on those hit. Players won’t have to wait for the fuse to go off, as you can shoot it mid-fuse to set it off.

As for her ultimate ability, that will call in B.O.B., a giant omnic, who will charge and knock an enemy in the air and use his arm cannon to become a turret. Bob can be interacted with by allies like any other hero, meaning you can use other hero abilities to boost him when he is in action.

Ashe’s origin story video is also mentioned that details her rough childhood and growth into the rogue she is today.