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Overwatch Receives a New Hero, Baptiste, This Tuesday

Blizzard has confirmed Baptiste, the newest Overwatch hero whose abilities focus on healing and blocking damage, will be released for play on all platforms on March 19, 2019.

Though a healer primarily, he can also deal great damage with his gun. His main weapon is the Biotic Launcher which shoots in bursts. The alternate fire is an AOE healing blast. He can also begin a healing-over-time boost to those around him with Regenerative Burst. With Immortality Field he can call up an area that prevents allies from dying. His passive ability, Exo Boots, allows him to jump very high after crouching in order to overcome obstacles or get to a vantage point. Lastly his ultimate is Amplification Matrix which calls forth a wall that allies can shoot through to deal damage while blocking incoming shots from harming them. On top of that it boosts damage and healing projectiles that pass through it. Blizzard classes him as a three star difficulty hero.

Blizzard has addressed concerns about the newest hero’s abilities being overpowered, such as his Ultimate’s double buff and the Immortality Field being a cool down instead of an ultimate. The biggest patch prior to Baptiste’s introducing was the Paris map which was announced in January of this year.