Outlaws of the Old West coming to Steam Early Access

Developed by Virtual Basement and published by Wandering Wizard, Outlaws of the Old West will be bringing cowboys to the Open World Sandbox and Survival Genre. Players will be thrown into a large 12k x 12k map with up to 150 other players as they try and survive the harsh Old West.

The game is set to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but PC users will be able to play the game on Steam Early Access on March 12. Early Access will include RP, PVE, and PVP servers and a dedicated host system. The core survival mode will you to create your own narrative with the morality system. You can build a reputation as a region defender by protecting other players and settlements, or you could become a cold-blooded outlaw out to terrorize anyone and anything that moves.

In order to survive this world, you will have to find and use every resource at your disposal. Whether that be constructing camps, settlements, forts, crafting weapons and tools, you name it. You can even become the mayor of your own town with the player driven economy.

Survival is the name of the game in Outlaws of the Old West. Find out how you can play the Early Access Build here.