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Original Screen Used 1978 Michael Myers HALLOWEEN Mask Emerges

Ever Wonder What the Original Mask of Michael Myers Looks Like today?


If you are a huge fan of the film, Halloween (1978), you probably already know the mask of Michael Myers is an old modified Star Trek Captain Kirk mask (William Shatner) that was sold in the 1970’s. But, have you ever wonder what the original mask looks like today?

Benjamin Hall from Michael-Myers.net got a chance to interview Mark Roberts, who has had the original screen-used mask since 2003.  This is what Roberts had to say about how he acquired the mask:

I have been building and running haunts for the last 26 years. About 20 years ago I got in contact with an agent who represented Dick Warlock and asked about booking Dick for an appearance at my hauntSo I set up to have Dick at the haunt and his agent said he had the mask and costume from the movie and would wear it at the appearance. When Dick came to the haunt, he was mad at his agent because he said he does not wear the costume for appearances. He did tell me that he still had the costume, boots, mask, butcher knife and scalpel and that he would sell it; he just didn’t bring them out for appearances.

Dick was great with the haunted house customers and hanging out with Dick and Cathy for the weekend was a lot of fun and it went so well we set it up for him to come back the next year. I’m not sure if it was after the 1st or second year but I called Dick up and we made a deal for me to purchase the mask, costume, boots, scalpel and knife. My wife and I went to Dick’s house and picked up the mask and costume. It really is amazing that Dick thought to keep that stuff and take care of it; when I went to pick it up, he had kept the mask stored in a Elvis Presley tin container.

Roberts preserves the mask by keeping it in an air tight container that is climate controlled and in the dark.

Check out the photos of the Mask (Halloween & Halloween 2), the scapel, and the boots (Halloween 2) below:

Halloween Mask

Source: Bloody-Disgusting