THE ORDER: 1886 New Trailer


A highly anticipated PS4 game drops a new trailer.

Ready At Dawn Studios, the developers behind God of War on the Vita announced last year they were working on a PS4 exclusive called The Order: 1886. Only a brief teaser was shown at the time, but what we saw looked gorgeous. The game appeared to be set in an 1886 London filled with urban myth creatures you’d have to fight using steampunk style weaponry. We hadn’t heard much since, only that the game would be released in the Summer of this year. Today, the studio released new details about the game and a new trailer check them out below.

The Order now lives in a world where they must face and fight their fellow man while protecting their kind from the half-breeds. In The Order: 1886, you will be confronted by a diverse group of adversaries and use your weaponry against different factions.
Neo-Victorian London in The Order: 1886, an alternate version of human history filled with mystery and advances in technology that take center stage in an age-old war.
This conflict that started centuries ago pitted mankind against half-breeds in a battle for survival. This became the catalyst for the noblest warriors of their time to come together in an alliance, an Order that waged war and held the line for hundreds of years. Through the centuries, their vigil has kept humanity safe and the war in a status quo while The Order’s members remained hidden behind history and legend.
But everything changes with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The tide of war shifts as the Knights finally bring the battle to the half-breeds with the help of new weaponry.