OPUS Collection Coming To Nintendo Switch This April

Ahead of the Switch release of OPUS: Rocket Of Whispers, it has been revealed that both OPUS: The Day We Found Earth and it’s upcoming sequel will be released together in physical form this April in the form of OPUS COLLECTION.

The original title was released on Nintendo Switch back in 2017 but never saw a physical release. Every physical copy will not only come with both games but a special voucher code to download the bonus soundtrack.

The soundtrack for OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is very unique as all songs have very different tones and it really is an adventure listening to it. If you have yet to listen to their piece titled ‘Hope‘ then I highly recommend it.

Thank you to PM Studios and Acttil for the game overview:

Millions of years in the future, mankind has left its home planet of Earth far behind. But now Emeth, an adorable robot who has made a solemn promise to his creator, must rediscover his lost homeland in order to save all of humanity. But as he tries to fulfill that promise, he begins to realize that he may hold an even greater purpose… This atmospheric, bittersweet tale is the perfect introduction to the world of OPUS.

Key Features
Homeward Bound: Operate a deep space telescope to scan the skies for long-lost Earth…and other untold secrets.
Self Discovery: Investigate your ship to uncover the history of a centuries-old mission item by mysterious item.
Across the Universe: Explore a universe teeming with vivid and vibrant planets, nebulas, and galaxies.
Cosmic Vibes: Lose yourself in a sweeping soundtrack that will tug at your heartstrings

Witness the story of two lonely survivors of an apocalyptic plague, who are given the seemingly impossible task of building an interstellar rocket. Their goal is to revive the ancient tradition of space burial and return the lost souls of the world to their cosmic homeland. Written by IMGA-nominated author of OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, this tale of loss and rebirth will leave you breathless.

Key Features
Land of Ice and Snow: Travel through the ruins of a frozen world, uncovering the history of a once prosperous land as you go.
Making Space: Gather the materials you’ll need for your rocket, and craft tools to explore even greater distances.
Alien Artifacts: Uncover more than 100 items, each with unique artwork and descriptions informed by detailed research.
Aural Adventure: Roam through a beautiful, atmospheric soundscape created by indiePlay-nominated composer Triodust

You can check out the trailer for the collection below:

The physical version of OPUS Collection: The Day We Found Earth+Rocket of Whispers will be released this April on Nintendo Switch.

You can preorder the game right now via Amazon, Gamestop, or BestBuy.