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Open Beta for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle starts on May 9th

Last month, Arc System Works revealed that it would be holding an open beta for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beginning in Japan running from May 9th until the 14th on the PlayStation 4 and May 11th to the 14th for the Nintendo Switch. It was recently revealed that North American PlayStation 4 owners will also be able to access the beta on the same dates.

The open beta will be accessible those who pre-order the game digitally on the PlayStation Store starting May 9th and will give access to all 20 players as well as access to the Casual Lobby, Tactics Mode, VS Mode, and a VS Mode. Then on May 12th, the open beta will be open to all PS4 owners with all 20 characters and modes available to play.

Here is where it gets a little bit interesting.

Following the conclusion of the open beta, as offline demo will be available to download and for those who pre-order the game digitally you will still have access to all 20 playable characters from the open beta along with a 2 Player Vs Mode, while those who don’t have the game digitally pre-ordered will only have access to four characters (Ragna, Narukami, Hyde and Ruby) with a CPU only VS mode.

Currently there is no word if Nintendo Switch owners in North America or Steam users will also have access to the open beta.

Playable Characters:


  • Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Jin Kisaragi
  • Rachel Alucard
  • Hazama
  • Noel Vermillion
  • Azrael
  • Iron Tager
  • Makoto Nanaya
  • ν-No.13-
  • Es

Persona 4 Arena

  • Yū Narukami
  • Yōsuke Hanamura
  • Chie Satonaka
  • Yukiko Amagi

Under Night In-Birth

  • Hyde
  • Linne
  • Waldstein
  • Gordeau


  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be avaliable on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on June 5th with Europe set to get the game sometime in the Summer.