OMG!! THE CLOVERFIELD “3” PARADOX Airs Tonight on Netflix!


Some crazy stuff going on today ladies and gentlemen. Not only have we seen the first glimpse of Solo: A Star Wars Story during the Superbowl but now, a crazy trailer comes via Netflix.

Why is it crazy?

Apparently right after the Superbowl, Netflix is set to premiere Cloverfield 3 and the title is Cloverfield Paradox. But that’s not all, the film seems to be directly linked to the original Cloverfield movie. In fact, the site or trailer is encouraging fans to watch the original Cloverfield, the one featuring the “Clover” Monster before seeing this.

Watch the trailer below and stay tuned!

Ten years ago, something arrived. Today, we know why. THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX premieres on Netflix tonight after the big game.

Get ready for THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX by re-watching Cloverfield (2008), also available on Netflix.