In a recent interview with Dengeki Online, Octopath Traveler Producer Masashi Takahashi recently explained why Square Enix’s upcoming game will not be getting any DLC in the future.

Takahashi-san in the interview said that Octopath Traveler will launch as a complete product, meaning there won’t be any DLC at all. He also stated that the main quest will take players around fifty-sixty hours to complete. This includes all the sub-stories, optional dungeons and other gameplay elements. A new game plus will not be available, due to the game being designed as a one playthrough experience.

Octopath Traveler will releas on July 13 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Right now, there is also a Prologue Demo on the Nintendo eShop that you can play with your progress being able to carryover to the full game.

Source: Dengeki Online