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Released last July, NVIDIA’s Shield had a lot to live up to with their version of a handheld gaming console, which combined a portable console-style experience for PC games and an unhindered Android experience. Described as having a split personality, the device is able to stream games from your NVIDIA  desktop PC and double as an Android tablet with an X-box influenced game controller. Now a more refined fourth generation of the console will be hitting the market in April with a reduced price tag of $199 for a limited time.


So, what’s new in the gaming department?

* Stream the hottest PC titles like Daylight, Titanfall, Call of Duty: GHOSTS and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

* Play SHIELD optimized titles on Android like Rochard, Mount & Blade, and iconic titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


With the new games come some incredible features.

* Remotely access your PC to play your games away from your home.

* Access NVIDIA GameStream™ technology on your GeForce® GTX™ gaming notebook.

* Discover a powerful new portal into the latest SHIELD-optimized games, news, and more with the new NVIDIA TegraZone™.

* With the latest updates for Gamepad Mapper, you have a whole new way to play thousands of native touch Android games using SHIELD’s console grade controller.

* Stream games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 with full Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support.

* Upgrade to the latest Android Kit Kat OS.


Finally, Nvidia is also taking a page from their 800M series battery boost technology by implementing framerate targeting and bitrate adjustment for streaming PC games to Shield. This should improve compatibility, performance and battery life.

Sources: NVIDIA, Forbes

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